The Flying Eyes Interview

The Flying Eyes is a Psychodelic-Rock Band from Baltimore. Their sound is a mix from Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly and Cream but most remarkable is the lead singer Will with his Jim Morrison like voice. Beside the great music, they are a nice bunch of guys with lots of humour and always willing to spend time with their fans. Sadly they're now dispanding and do their last shows. We had luck to see and talk to them on the Fuzzfest where Will (Singer) and Elias (Drummer) took their time to do an interview with us on their last show in Vienna.


Since when do you play togheter?
We started in High School but officially since 2007.

 What was the reason for you to start?
Because we always loved the same kind of music so we just started, but in the beginning we where without a singer after a few years  we met Will who was the older brother of a friend of us, after that the band was complete with him.

It‘s obviously that The Doors had a big influence on your music but could you name some more?
Yes, The Doors had a big influence on all of us but that effect has every 60s Band. Also some of our favorites are Black Sabbath, The Strokes and Neil Young.

 What is your favorite song of yourselfs?
Will: Fade Away
Elias:  Lay with me.

Do you Guys have a secret shame song?
Elias: Honestly a bunch of.... Like songs from Lana del Ray but i think the funniest would be "Ray of Light" from Madonna.

What was the strangest thing that happened to you on tour?
Elias: That was here in Austria in Tirol, we went on a Party after a show and i went to a homeparty with some girls and we were a bit drunk and had a good time. The next thing I know was that I woke up alone in a house and had no clue where i was, or how  i should find my way back to the tour bus, so i just went out and saw one of the girls from yesterday in the garden next door and realized that i woke up in the neighbor's house. At the end I was saved and brought back to the tour bus.

 What‘s your favorite city while beeing on tour?
That‘s a hard question there are so many great but different cities, but we count Berlin to one of our

After so many years togheter, i have to ask you..Why you decided to dispand now?
We all have some things we wanna try and do. After all these years, we grew and drifted apart and want to do something different and so we decided it‘s better to dispand before we mess up this band right now, which we're still very proud of. And everyone has an own project going on right now, so you will still hear from us but not in this match up.

Do you have any last words for your fans?
Elias: We want to thank all our fans that made all this possible for us, that loved our songs and supported us over the years. Without their love and support we would never have come this far.      Will: Fly High!